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Title: Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL Management

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Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL Management


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Marc Delisle



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April 2004



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May 19, 2004
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
It is a known fact that what made PHP a very popular language for Web application development were certain killer applications developed with PHP. phpMyAdmin is one of those killer applications.

Actually, phpMyAdmin is so popular that many users of other languages use it as Web interface to their MySQL database. Even though phpMyAdmin is platform independent and can run on non-Linux platforms i.e. Windows, several Linux vendors provide it in their distributions. Many Web hosting providers also offer access to phpMyAdmin to let their clients manage their databases online via the Web.

"Mastering phpMyAdmin" is the first book totally dedicated to phpMyAdmin. The book was written by Marc Delisle, one of the co-developers who resumed phpMyAdmin development when the original author, Tobias Ratschiller, became too busy with other projects and could no longer dedicate time to phpMyAdmin.

The simple fact that it was published reflects great insight on the part of this book publisher. This book opens space for a new kind of PHP books dedicated to other PHP killer applications.

The book itself covers practically every aspect of the use of phpMyAdmin in 18 chapters. Due to the great length of the list of features covered in the book it is not viable to detail them in this review.

However, as a sort of overview it can be said that the book covers from the most simple features to the most complex in the end of the book like creating bookmarks for frequently used database queries, generating documentation about the structure of a database, transformations of the column data according to assigned MIME data types and MySQL server administration.

The last chapter is very interesting, especially for users seeking help about the usage of phpMyAdmin. It covers troubleshooting different types of problems that users may encounter and also where to find help when you are not able to solve a problem by yourself.

If you have been using or want to use phpMyAdmin and would like to obtain maximum benefit from this Web application, this book will be particularly valuable whether you are developing MySQL database applications in PHP or any other language.
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