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Title: Professional Apache 2.0

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Professional Apache 2.0


Web development books


Peter Wainwright


Wrox Press

Release date

May 2002



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October 27, 2002
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Apache is the most popular Web server program in use for all the Internet. This status was achieved not only because it is an Open Source product and so it does not cost money, but also because of its capabilities that satisfy most of the users needs.

Despite that fact, that does not mean Apache could not be greatly improved. As a matter of fact, version 2 was developed with great new capabilities.

The Windows version was completely rewritten to match the security and performance standards that the Unix version already provided. The Unix version was also greatly improve with a new multi-threading model that allows a better use of the server machine memory and other resources.

Professional Apache 2.0 is significant update of the original Professional Apache book in order to keep up with the capabilities of the version 2 of the Web server, all of it with the high level of quality that the author Peter Wainwright and several colaborators already got us used to since the original book.

The book is very thorough, so you probably use it more as a reference book rather than reading it end to end. It is also hard to go through in detail all matters that are covered in the book, but it can be given a reasonably comprehensive overview.

It starts covering the basics of Internet based networking focusing in HTTP. Then it follows with several chapters on how to obtain, install and configure Apache 2 in your platform of choice, mentioning the available tools for interactively configuring the server.

It has two chapters on delivering dynamically generated content, first in a generic chapter that covers server side includes (SSI) and CGI programs, and a later chapter that covers most of the known extensions that make use of scripting languages for this purpose, like Java, Perl, PHP, Python, TCL and Ruby.

This last chapter also has a section on WebDav which is a protocol for updating content on the Web server, eventually with revision control of the changes.

The book also have a few very important chapters about virtual hosting, several performance optimization techniques, server activity logging and monitoring, taking care of several security aspects including the use of SSL (Secury Socket Layer) for protecting the information that travels between the browsers and the Web server.

This is an essential book for everybody that has made Apache their Web server of choice.

Those still using version 1 of the server will soon or later migrate to this version due to the compelling advantages. Since many details work differently, this book is even more recommended to people that are considering to migrate because there are many details to learn about.

Overall, this is an extraordinary book that is well worth its price due to its quality and level of detail that you will hardly find in the Web server manuals available online.
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