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Title: Expert PHP 5 Tools

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Expert PHP 5 Tools


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Dirk Merkel



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May 6, 2010



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August 9, 2010
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“Expert PHP 5 Tools” is a book for every developer, beginner to expert. Even experts will find useful information between the lines. You do not really need to have much experience with PHP. If you are really beginning with the language, this book can boost your programming skills very quickly.

Take a look at the table of contents. For me, a developer that is working for a while with a quite large Web application, reading the chapter about Deployment, Continuous Integration, or even the Debugging chapter, helped me a lot to deal with the work I have. I am really looking forward to integrate all of the proposed solutions into my day job.

If your application is not performing adequately, the deployment process might be very risky. In chapter 8, Deploying an Application, you will read about the deployment process, learn about common mistakes, and basically how to deploy your web application in the best way.

As you may realize when you read it, you will not learn many coding skills. This is not a PHP learning book. This book teaches you all those things around coding: testing, deployment, documenting, etc., which are quite interesting. Learning from other people’s experience can save you time and headaches.

This book amazed me, really. It is well written by an highly experienced author in the software development field. I found a lot of useful information for me.

I am really happy I have this book in my library, it is a must-read book before starting a new project.
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