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Title: PHP Cookbook

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PHP Cookbook


PHP books


David Sklar
Adam Trachtenberg


O'Reilly & Associates

Release date

November 2002



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February 9, 2003
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
One way to learn how use a programming tool that is capable of solving many types of problems is to study the solutions found by others that previously attempted to solve similar problems. This way you gain time and increase your knowledge by learning from the experience shared by others.

Programming cook books are meant for that: sharing solutions to well known problems. PHP Cookbook is not the first book of this type for PHP but it seems to be the most upto date book in this kind.

The book obeys a common structure that all cook books have. There are several chapters that focus on different topics on which PHP can be used. Each chapter presents a series of common problems and presents one or more recommended solutions for those problems.

This books presents about 20 chapters of topics: Strings, Numbers, Dates and Times, Arrays, Variables, Functions, Classes and Functions, Web basics, Forms, Database Access, Web automation, XML, Regular Expressions, Encryption and Security, Graphics, Internationalization and Localization, Internet Services, Files, Directories, Client-side PHP and PEAR.

This book may save you a lot of time learning how to solve problems that you often realize that are well known and have common solutions. Even when you may have a PHP related problem that has details that make it unique, it is very likely that you will find a solution in this book for a similar problem that you may study and adapt to your needs. Having a book like this in your programming desk may make a great difference in your productivity. Even though the book is not expensive, purchasing it now may become an investment with great return if you depend on PHP programming to get your income.
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