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Title: XML and PHP

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Vikram Vaswani


New Riders Publishing

Release date

June 10, 2002



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July 8, 2002
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Picture of Alex Black
Alex Black
XML is an extremely useful technology often misunderstood by the web development community. XML is used for everything from data exchange, document storage, to array definitions and configuration files. It is a useful means of encapsulating structured data of any kind.

This book takes those basic ideas and guides the reader through a series of real world applications of XML using PHP. It lays the groundwork with an overview of basic concepts and continues to solid primers on SAX, DOM, and XSL.

From then on the book is a series of examples on SOAP & XMLRPC, and provides a well-rounded overview of important PHP packages that use XML in a variety of ways.

For developers hoping to integrate XML into their efforts, this book is a great place to start. It shows in detail the most common uses of XML currently, and has a detailed compile guide, so you can get up and running with the examples. It is particularly strong with XMLRPC and SOAP, I think anyone who is embarking on a project that uses PHP and requires either of those technologies should buy this book. I would have liked to see more examples of XML's "lesser-known" uses for definition files, configuration etc, but the book rightly focuses on the most common uses for XML in most projects today.

This book is a very well written guide for developers interested in using XML technology in their projects. It provides great examples of SOAP and XMLRPC, and gives readers in-depth knowledge of specific real-world uses of XML. Anyone starting out with SOAP or XMLRPC should buy this book.
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