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Title: PHP Programming for Windows

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PHP Programming for Windows


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Andrew Stopford


New Riders Publishing

Release date

May 17, 2002



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June 30, 2002
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
PHP is a language that is available under many platforms. Thanks to that fact, PHP enjoys great popularity among the Web development community. Some surveys point that PHP is already the most popular Web programming language with an audience that already surpasses the ASP audience.

Windows is a platform under which PHP is already very well accepted. Since the explosion of the Internet bubble, the Windows market became very important for PHP because Windows is still a dominant platform in the corporate world.

According to a poll that I have been carrying within the users of a PHP mailing list of everywhere in the World, 28% state that they use PHP running Windows on the production environment. The same poll indicates that 40% use Linux, 9% Solaris, 5% Mac OS and 17% other Unix systems.

A similar poll in a PHP mailing list for portuguese speaking users indicate that 49% use Windows in a production environment, 44% use Linux, 4% Solaris, 1% Mac OS and 2% other Unix systems. The portuguese speaking PHP community represents about 4% (3% Brazil and 1% Portugal) of the whole PHP community.

These numbers are useful to demonstrate the signficant acceptance of PHP under Windows.

PHP can be used to develop platform independent applications, but it may as well take advantage of some platform specific resources. This is particularly true regarding Windows specific resources.

These facts demonstrate there there is great demand for support and documentation of the capabilities of PHP under Windows. This is the central point about which the book PHP Programming for Windows excels.

The truth is: sure PHP can interface with COM (AKA OLE, ActiveX, DCOM), .NET and other Windows specific resources, but because PHP has been traditionally more used in Linux/Unix platforms, most of the code examples, tutorials and books that are available assume that PHP is running in these platforms or do not want to take advantage of Windows specific resources. This is why books like this are in great demand from PHP Windows users.

Besides the traditional aspects of installation and usage of PHP under Windows which are really not very different for other platforms, the really interesting part of this book is one that was named "Advanced PHP Programming".

This part covers most of the important aspects of Windows programming with PHP using Windows specific resources like: COM and .NET, XML programming (parsing and transforming - XSLT) with MSXML, creating Web services with Microsoft SOAP toolkit, interfacing with databases with ODBC and ADODB, Active Directory (X.500, ADSI and LDAP)

Overall, this book is probably a long awaited and valuable resource for Windows developers. If you are developing with PHP for Windows and want to take the most of Windows specific resources, this is probably the best starting point you may find now and so it is certainly a good investment.
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