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Title: MySQL Reference Manual

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MySQL Reference Manual


Database programming books


Michael Widenius
David Axmark


O'Reilly & Associates

Release date

June 2002



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March 2, 2003
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
If there is a popular relational database management system commonly used with PHP applications, that is certainly MySQL. Despite it is not the most powerful database that PHP can interface with, MySQL certainly benefited of PHP popularity and vice-versa.

Many, many books have been written about MySQL, but what makes the book MySQL Reference Manual different is the fact that is that it was written by the actual developers of MySQL AB: Michael "Monty" Widenius and David Axmark.

Basically this is the reference manual for MySQL 4. Here you will find what is usually found in reference manuals. It will not teach you about SQL in detail but it documents all that is relevant to operate with version 4 of MySQL.

It covers MySQL installation under Windows and Unix/Linux, database administration task, MySQL optimisation, MySQL language reference, MySQL table types, MySQL API for many languages including for PHP and ODBC support and finally a chapter on how to extend MySQL.

If you were looking for a good printed version of MySQL 4 reference manual, this is probably your best choice as it comes from the MySQL AB developers: Michael "Monty" Widenius and David Axmark.
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