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Potato Service
PHP 8 implements the possibility to extract attributes defined in comments of PHP classes using PHP reflection support.

This package uses this possibility to implement an MVC framework that developers can use to configure HTTP request routes using route classes that comment attributes that define the details of the routing of HTTP requests to controller classes.

This way, developers can define the PHP application HTTP request routing configuration in the same class file that implements the routing code.

This possibility makes it easier to maintain complex PHP applications because it avoids the need to define routing PHP code in a separate file from the routing configuration.
Laravel A1 PDF Sign
PDF is a popular format for generating documents that users can view or print.

Anybody can alter a PDF document using editing tools. In some cases, the original author does not want that the document is changed.

Certificates can be used by the PDF document author to digitally sign a document to assure that the original document is intact when the users view it.

The PDF document viewer programs can check the digital signature contained in a document to verify if it is still intact.

This package provides a pure PHP solution to sign existing PDF documents with x509 digital signatures.
Laravel Macro Example
A macro is an abbreviated form to represent information that may be long.

Macros can help save time for developers that need to write code for the different parts of their applications.

This package provides an example of how to use macros in Laravel applications by showing how to create a macro class that generates HTML for options of a form select input that has many options, for instance, a list of supported banks.

This macro class can save a lot of time for developers that need to insert the same type of form select input in the output of their applications' Laravel view templates.
PHP Murmurhash
Hashing is an operation that computes a value from a string of data.

Hashing operations help check the integrity of data that may be transmitted between a source computer and a destination computer to detect data transmission failures caused by external interferences.

In environments in which security is an important aspect, developers should use cryptographic hashing algorithms to detect malicious alteration of data by people with bad intentions.

In environments where security is not essential due to the low risk of alteration of data by bad-intentioned people, developers can use non-cryptographic algorithms.

Such algorithms do not require so much CPU processing power and can run faster.

Murmurhash is a non-cryptographic algorithm.

This package provides a pure PHP implementation of the Murmurhash algorithm. Therefore it does not require that particular cryptography PHP extensions are available to use this class.
PHP Type Class
PHP is a weakly typed language. This fact means that it allows setting the type of variable values when executing the PHP code.

Although this makes the PHP language very flexible and tolerant of the developer's mistakes, sometimes it can be hard to debug subtle bugs caused by the developer's errors.

In practice, that can mean that developers may take more time to fix subtle bugs that probably would not exist if PHP was a strongly typed language.

This package provides a solution that can help to avoid those bugs. It gives the name strings of the PHP variable types.

So, if a developer wants to use the PHP GetType and SetType functions to get or set the variable type, the developer can use this class.

So, if the developer makes a mistake in the name of a constant provided by the class, PHP will trigger an error that can make it easier to find bugs caused by typing the name of a PHP type.
Simple PHP Podcast Generator
Podcasts are a way to serve lists of exciting content in the form of audio or video recorded by the podcast authors to share with the community interested in specific topics.

Publishing podcasts requires the generation of XML documents that describe the podcast episode list in RSS format.

This package provides a solution to automate the generation of a podcast RSS XML feed just by editing a few podcast files that define the podcast audio and video and the respective text descriptions.
PHP GitHub Readme Generator
GitHub is a popular site among developers. It provides free git repository hosting to help developers keep track of their project revisions and publish their projects on the Web to increase project exposure.

GitHub also shows README files to allow developers to describe their project details using the Markdown format in a single text document.

This package helps generate README files in Markdown format that is suitable to display in sites like GitHub and the PHP Classes repository just by asking a few questions to the project authors.
WordPress React Plugin Kit
WordPress is a popular content management system written in PHP that allows extending its features using plugins.

This package provides a base environment that allows the creation, activation, and testing of a new WordPress plugin and an API that exposes the features of that plugin to external applications and sites.
SimpleX Noise Algorithm
Noise is a signal that can cause certain disturbances. It is often associated with sound but can also be associated with an image.

Noise images can be helpful. For instance, you may use noise images to generate CAPTCHA validation images that may obfuscate a picture with text that the user needs to recognize.

The noise image can help obfuscate the text to make it harder for robots to recognize the text while humans may be able to identify it.

This package can generate noise data for creating noise images for CAPTCHA validation or other purposes.

It uses the SimpleX noise algorithm. This algorithm has several advantages over classic forms of generating noise like the Perlin algorithm.

For instance, the simplex algorithm requires less computing power to create noise.
Laravel SAAS Boilerplate
A Software As A service (SAAS) is an application that a business provides to its users.

Often SAAS users may pay a given amount to have access to a better version that offers more benefits than a free version.

Usually, users can access a free version to evaluate the usefulness of the SAAS.

This package provides a base of a SAAS application that developers can use to create their own SAAS applications.
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